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Accuweather android widget not updating download free. It also has the accuweather clock widget. This is the widget that has stopped working - the app all together has stopped working. I noticed October 3rd that it no longer updated. It still says. It would appear that the fault is recreated by rebooting the device or switching it on and off. Clearing the weather main and weather daemon data will solve the problem but it shouldn't have to be this way. Beautiful widgets it may be until this is sorted one way or another #6.

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It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. @userX9yBVxfgJ8 do you have the auto-update set up on the weather widget on your phone? Be sure to click " Accept as Solution" when you find an answer that works for you. Please note, notification emails are a DO NOT REPLY address, you must log-in on the community page in order to respond.

A compilation of AccuWeather's most frequently asked questions. Tap the first one, then tap Storage, then tap Clear Data and Clear Cache. Then tap the back button until you're back at the second weather app and repeat the steps, i.e., tap it, then tap Storage, then tap Clear Data and Clear Cache. Then reboot the phone and try. Ok I'm running a stock Gear with Galaxy S3 LTE And Accuweather HD widget and Accuweather app. Both are set to the same cities, home, New York and Gilbert AZ which I use for work.

The home city is updating hourly as per Gear Manager settings. I thought I would do a Google search on how to fix the issue with the Gear 2 Neo not updating the weather application when I have the Location button turned off and it brought me to this page. Yes that's right! You heard me. The issue with Accu Weather not updating is because the Location Finder must be active or the watch refuses to update. Here it’s not so easy to see how to update the weather forecast, but tap on the three vertical dots on the top right and a menu appears: Logically enough, tap on “Update now” to force the weather app to grab new data from the Accuweather server.

Once it’s done, your forecast will be the latest current weather, as you want. From weather updates to today’s temperature, get the weather forecast you can rely on with AccuWeather.

With in-depth forecast news, forecast updates, severe weather alerts, today’s weather, and much more. Our weather radar accuracy lets you stay one step ahead of the daily forecast and is the weather tracker that makes the unpredictable, predictable.

Get today’s weather forecast, live. After the update, i noticed my HD Widget Weather App and some alarms on my home screen disappeared! I tried to re-add it, but its not showing up. The HD Widget weather app even gave me a “Widget Added Successfully!” but no where to be found on home screens.

The Alarm widget also doesn’t appear even after i click to set it up. When it was updating it would use around % of the battery a day. So I did the smart thing and removed it. My wife's phone was using battery like crazy and when her widget stopped updating her battery life doubled. So there is a issue with the weather widget causing a battery drain. Finally I get the S5 Weather Widget fully working (not the themed one but the real from S5).

This widget working only in KitKat touchwiz ROM with touchwiz launcher! Galaxy Alpha Accuweather Widget DOWNLOAD HERE Galaxy S5 Accuweather Widget. STATE COLLEGE, PA – Aug – AccuWeather released an update to its free AccuWeather for Android weather app today that includes an even more informative home screen widget featuring. Remove it from the home screen then put it back also clear the weather apps cache then if it keeps doing that check in your settings that your weather app is whitelisted to not be put to sleep by the system as that is the most likely reason for a widget to not update properly.

K views View 9 Upvoters Answer requested by. If you are not satisfied with the settings you previously selected or you are having an issue with the Weather widget, you can reset it and start fresh. 1 Launch your Settings and select Apps 2 Scroll down the list of apps and select Weather.

Android Widget Not Updating. Ask Question Asked 10 years, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 24k times 8. I am trying to implement a simple widget for display on the home screen. The problem I am experiencing is that onUpdate is only being called once when I install the widget. The configuration is below. The app offers five separate full-fledged weather widgets. All of the widgets were available in different sizes.

However, the only downside of the app is that you can’t customize the widgets. By default, the widget shows the current weather, hourly forecast, and a few other details. 6.

Weather & Clock Widget for Android. Just got my DNA two days ago. Neither of my weather apps will update my location My clock/Accuweather widget simply says "Current location" - doesn't even identify the city I am in, no matter where I go. Also, though I haven't watched it constantly, I'm fairly certain it's not updating. AccuWeather has local and international weather forecasts from the most accurate weather forecasting technology featuring up to the minute weather reports. Home Downloads Our apps Where to download Our apps Where to download Meet DAWN AccuWeather’s personal AI-powered weather assistant gives you weather information from the world’s most sophisticated weather data intelligence company, through the power of AI.

Smartphone Our redesigned app features a sleek and innovative experience to get your daily, hourly, and minute. since the updated i have turned off all the app restricting and data restricting functions, turned on the data saver bypass and made sure my Accuweather app was up to date. the widget itself is not updating regularly. i figured it was due to the data/app restriction settings to save battery but even turning those off doesnt change the outcome.

Among its many new features, Android P returns the spirit of lock screen widgets to users by presenting the current temperature and weather conditions underneath the clock. It isn't flashy, but it's a fun and useful addition that, unfortunately, does not always work. If your lock screen weather isn't showing up, you might want to try these steps to fix it. Weather apps are uniquely well-suited to Android's powerful widget system, but since there are so many options on the Play Store, it can be hard to find the best weather widgets currently.

Restore the circular time and temperature widget (or any widget) to your Android home has disappeared. Widget is missing. lost screen widget app. This concludes the tutorial. It's a series on how to use the AccuWeather application on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. In this section, we talked about how to set up the AccuWeather weather widget on the home screen.

Please make sure to view our next tutorial on how to add or remove a city in AccuWeather. If you have any questions, or comments. I stopped using Accuweather because it was so inaccurate. I'm guessing the Accu stands for Accumulation, and not Accurate. I've recently changed to the free OneWeather app.

The only problem with it, is I can't get it to show on the lock screen like Accuweather. As far as your Accuweather issue, have you removed the widget then re-added it?

Earlier the Weather widget was only available in the Today View. In iOS 14, you can add it to your iPhone Home Screen and see the weather information with just a glance. However, unfortunately, for many users, this widget does not fails to refresh the temperature or shows no data. For some, the location displays only ‘Cupertino.’.

Get accurate local or worldwide weather forecast easily with live weather updates, hourly and daily weather forecasts and timely weather alerts. Check the weather for today, the weather for tomorrow or the weather for the weekend with our easy to use app ⛅️ The weather app features the following: ⚡ Local weather: Automatically keep track or your location as you move and get accurate real. Reminders widget wouldn't update/refresh - it was showing reminders that I had already deleted and NOT showing reminders that have just popped up.

News widget was showing news stories from last night that were definitely not still current (articles, headlines, etc. had changed in the app but the widget was still showing the old version).

I have a simple android widget with a single text view. I extend AppWidgetProvider class, widget information xml - appwidget-provider, also updated my manifest file as per document provided on android website. I also set android:updatePeriodMillis to (~30 minutes). When I place widget on screen all the code under onUpdate method fires for the first time. S4 Accuweather Widget Not Updating Problem: My accuweather widget is not updating for the last 3 days.

I have tried powering off/on, soft reset, WiFI on and off. Weather & Clock Widget Android, as the name suggests, is a weather app with a good variety of widget sizes including 2x,4x and 5x widgets for different screen sizes. The app gives accurate weather forecasts for real-time and days ahead and you can also customize the widgets to either have colored or transparent backgrounds.

new update from Cyanogen /June1 latest update - cLock Widget now no longer support weather option, it shows up only clock alarm and calendar, even i had tried to install yahoo CM Weather Provider but no longer active. force to use alternative widget i.e. using chronus or accuweather or weather underground.

The Home Screen Widget is designed to leverage the power and accessibility of the Android Widget API. It provides up-to-date information on weather conditions in over 3 million locations, and contains current, forecast, and wind data. AccuWeather is one of the most popular dedicated weather apps in the world - on the Play Store it's racked up somewhere between 50 and. AccuWeather is a prominent name to find out about the upcoming weather forecasts & conditions.

Thankfully, the designers also offer a bit-sized Windows weather widget that opens-up in handy five-day forecast detail. Once you download this weather widget, you need to specify your location for knowing accurate weather conditions.

AccuWeather has now launched an update to its weather forecasts app that delivers a decidedly modern UI and dark mode.

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